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Thai schiffli to the world

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Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) Ltd. revealed that customers were looking for suppliers who had extensive network to build supply chain. The company plans to open a schiffli factory in Sri Lanka and a sales office in Hong Kong and China to provide better service to customers. In term of sales target, it is looking at not less than Baht 500 million.
Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) Ltd., the producer of the highest standard schiffli lace for underwear in Asia, is a joint venture between Gamma Textile Mfg. Co., Ltd. and Bischoff Textil AG from Switzerland - the world's famous schiffli producer.

About 80-90% of the company's schiffli are exported to the world's famous brands of underwear with Victoria's Secret from the U.S. being the biggest customer. Last year, the company received orders valued at Baht 100 million from this customer and was evaluated and given the score as high as 97 out of 100.

Other customers include Marks & Spencer, Triumph, and Chantelle. In Thailand, customers are Wacoal, Triumph, Kyra, and Playboy.

Adjust to be competitive

            Since Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) Ltd. is a group of Gamma Textile Mfg. Co., Ltd., which has both schiffli and dye factories, Gemini Textile Co., Ltd., a thread factory, and Eschler Thai Knit Co., Ltd., which has a net fabric factory, these create supply chain network that builds trustworthiness for customers. In addition, the company used "Tracking Process" software from Switzerland to control the manufacturing process, and manage the ordering process to complete orders on time and to meet customers' standard of requirement as delivery timing is highly important when dealing with high profile customers.

            Mr. Theprit Srichawla, M.D. and CEO explained that customers used to allow the suppliers to have 90-120 days to work but it was then reduced to only 45-60 days. In Europe, the manufacturing process was sometimes only 30 days or 3 weeks. For minimum order, it would cost about Baht 200,000 per one development and would cost more if the quantity was less than that. Last year, total sales were about Baht 500 million. The company expects the similar number this year.

            Mr. Theprit said that "We had three companies which created supply chain network to deliver quality products. The sourcing trend from Europe and the U.S. buyers was they would evaluate whether or not suppliers had network or good supply chain, including one stop service, as they wanted to minimize working time. The more networks we have, the higher bargaining power we will have".

Increase value with design

            Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) Ltd. has design team create new collections of schiffli every season with about 100 designs per season. In a year, it will create about 300 designs to propose to customers, who will use about 50% of their own brands' design and another 50% of the company's design.

Mr. Theprit explained that "In some season, the market liked schiffli weaving on high class fabric, so-called chemical fabric, which was once embroidered would be gone through finishing process where chemical fabric would be dissolved and left only embroidery design. Beautiful or not would depend on technique, embroidery, and finishing of each factory. This lace sometimes costs 100% higher than normal schiffli".

Currently, schiffli lace which is in trend includes net fabric with pierce and schiffli fabric, which looks like cotton fabric with grayish or not bright colors. The use of crystals is still in. Most of the underwear fashions are from Europe while Asia has not yet paid much attention. However, Thailand has increasingly shown interested in underwear fashion.

M.D. and CEO of Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) also talked about the trend of underwear market that customers were looking for various design products and would place small order per design. If that design was a hit, they would then place more orders. For example, Victoria's Secret would order us to produce just 10,000 yards of certain schiffli design to place in a few stores and see the response from the market. So, they can plan the right amount of production and then order us to produce how many 100,000 yards more.

Plan to open a schiffli factory in Sri Lanka

            The company plans to open a factory to produce schiffli lace in Sri Lanka. It expects that the factory will be up and running within 1-2 years from now and will require the investment of Baht 500-600 million.

"There was no factory that produced schiffli in Sri Lanka while there were many garment factories and investments. Marks & Spencer and Victoria's Secret also placed many production's orders from there but they would have to import raw materials. We were presently exporting quite a lot of schiffli fabric to Sri Lanka. If we were there, we could provide better service to our customers and expand the market. However, our production base was still in Thailand" Mr. Theprit revealed together with other marketing plans to expand the market by opening sales office in other countries such as China and Hong Kong, where many customers of the company are in.

"The company plans to open a factory in Sri Lanka to produce schiffli lace. It will require the investment of Baht 500-600 million."


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