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25 March 2017 16:00PM

The analysis of down and feathers

14 Jul 09 ,  hohenstein.de
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The well-known Hohenstein Laboratories for Down and Feather Analysis offer a wide range of services for the international market.


We test not only filling and casing materials but also complete products.
We analyse materials for compliance with international, European and national (e.g. Japanese and American) testing standards and regulations:

+Composition and labelling
+Filling power
+Hygiene and cleanliness requirements
+Air permeability
+Down proof properties of fabrics
+Total mass and mass of the filling
+Composition of textile materials
+Thread density
+Fineness of yarns and twisted yarns
+Mass per unit area
+Colour fastness
+Dimensional change after washing and cleaning

Additional services include:

+Testing the thermal insulation properties of finished products from the point of view of clothing physiolog
+Awarding a sleep comfort rating and a label, based on the results of research carried out at Hohenstein
+Textile analysis of synthetic fillings

The distinguishing features of our laboratories include the following:

+We are accredited under DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and IDFB
+Every sample is tested at least twice and in critical cases up to 6 times at no additional cost
+We regularly take part in round robin trials, subjecting ourselves to additional quality control procedures
+We regularly test, record and document the condition of our testing equipment
+Our staff are highly qualified in the fields of textile technology and textile chemistry and able to give you expert advice
+We also carry out microbiological testing