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25 March 2017 08:13AM
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TTIS FashionBiz is a bi-monthly fashion trade magazine available in both print and electronic format. To serve our business readers in the fashion industry, our editorial coverage, 50% in Thai and 50% in English, extends further to the breadth and depth of news analyses focusing on current situations, marketing movements, technological or human behavioral changes with the particular emphasis on their impact on the fashion trade.

ttisfashionbiz.com, the online home of TTIS textile and fashion trade magazines, offer readers access to trade trends, in-depth analysis, essential business insights and more for the textile and apparel and fashion trade and up-to-date news of the industry in Thailand,                  24 hours a day from any computer anywhere in the world.  The electronic versions of the magazines, or our e-Magazines, can also be viewed online on this sites.

Regular visitors will also receive monthly e-newsletter via e-mailing on coming events as well as contents summary of new issues.