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25 March 2017 08:18AM

Luxury Fashion E-tailer Net-a-Porter’s Key to Success: Tailored Services

27 Jan 16 ,  Administrator
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The 47th Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter was recently held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The four-day fair (18-22 Jan) welcomed over 1,500 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions to showcase their latest designs and products. During the Week, around 30 fashion events, including fashion shows, fashion parades, seminars predicting upcoming trends, forums, and a networking reception, are organised to present the latest fashion collections and market information.

Speaking at the seminar “Net-a-Porter: The Game Changer of Online Luxury Fashion”, Ms Kei Chan, Head of Marketing, Net-a-Porter APAC, offered a comprehensive analysis of marketing strategies, and shared with the audience how tailored services helped the website to stand out from other competitors and become a leader of e-tailer fashion & luxury business.


Luxury Fashion E-tailer Net-a-Porter’s Key to Success: Tailored Services



Ms Kei Chan, Head of Marketing, Net-a-Porter APAC, said their online platform was founded in 2000. Due to market changes over the years, in October 2015 they have merged with Yoox Group, another huge fashion & luxury e-tailer, to introduce footwear sales and become the largest luxury e-tailing platform in the world.

Exclusive collaboration with Chanel

Facing fierce competition in the luxury e-commerce scene, Ms Kei Chan said, “Besides global luxury e-tailers, our competitors include traditional retailing businesses opening their own online stores. Many retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom are developing e-commerce and they no longer emphasize only local sales.” Net-a-Porter.com took a year to get on the right track. To rise above the competition, it is key to strive for perfection in products, technology, services, and content. “Our content stands out from the crowd,” She added.

She said that their platform focuses on female consumers. Besides selecting featured products, their promotion campaigns feature A-listers and celebrities to attract more attention. Collaborations with other brands are also abundant. Net-a-Porter.com collaborated with Chanel for the first time last year to introduce a digital pop-up store, featuring a 6-piece fine jewelry capsule collection exclusive for 3 weeks. The prices range from $6,000 to $10,000, a luxury in the online shopping scene.

“The supporters of our e-tailing combined with fans of Chanel creates a strong synergy.” She said, Net-a-Porter made good use of social media platforms to drive social buzz and raise the awareness of female consumers pre-launch, attracting a lot of attention and overall a click rate of 2.5 million.

Interacting with customers through online platform

Ms Kei Chan said that, as their customers come from all over the world, they paid much emphasis in facilitating interactions with consumers and keeping up with market needs. They have launched tailored customer services, and a Personal Shopping team will provide personalized clothes matching suggestions based on the consumer’s shopping history, habits, and preferences in brands and styles. The platform also offers delivery for the consumers to try on the products at home. Should they find it unsatisfactory, It is also possible to return the merchandise on the spot.

To cater to the needs of luxury brands lovers, Net-a-Porter publishes monthly online and print fashion magazines to provide fashion information. The content on their Facebook page is also meticulously curated, featuring information such as leather care, so that the consumers know how to choose and step up their fashion game.

Huge potential of Asia Pacific market

Ms Kei Chan’s job focuses on the Asia Pacific market. She said that the market of online luxury retailing in the region is young and filled with potential, with Japan and the Chinese mainland both being one of the world’s 3 largest economies. Net-a-Porter established a marketing centre in Hong Kong 3 years ago. “Hong Kong is the doorway to the Chinese mainland, and a major entrepot for the Korean, Australian, Singaporean, and Thai market,” She explained. Ms Kei Chan also pointed out that Asian designers are rising in the global fashion stage. Not only does Net-a-Porter feature international luxury brands, they also launched exclusive and classic products, and features brands from local designers in Japan, Australia, and Malaysia.

However, there is a huge diversity in the Asian Pacific market and consumers from different regions have their own preferences. Ms Kei Chan analysed that Australian consumers are confident with their own style, will not chase after the latest trends, and prefer purchasing classic items; Hong Kong consumers keep up closely with the latest trends, and prefer unique new brands particularly; and as Singapore’s climate is hot and humid, the consumers’ choices of fashion style and textiles are much affected by the weather. Net-a-Porter.com stocks up according to the needs of different markets.