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25 March 2017 16:04PM

Fashionally #5

09 Feb 16 ,  Administrator
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FASHIONALLY COLLECTION #5 MENSWEAR displayed menswear for the 2016 fall/winter season, with participating designers including DEMO (designer: Derek Chan), kenaxleung, KURT HO and MODEMENT (designer: Aries Sin) in recent Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2016 during January 18-21.


(1) Derek Chan (www.demofashion.com) is a YDC (Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest)  finalist in 2012. Straddling both science and artistic spirit, Derek finds his balance in both sides. Contemporary Classic” is his new formula for fashion. His design is balanced between classic style with modern adjustments. DEMO. means a DEMONSTRATION of fashion by one’s character. Derek believes that fashion is a way to express one’s personal lifestyle and mood. In 2014, DEMO. featured in Austria’s Next Top Models. He has just graduated at Hong Kong Polytechnic University for a master’s of Philosophy in Fashion and Textile Design to fulfill his dream of combining Science and Fashion together to create a product for his fashion experiment.


(2) Kenax LEUNG (www.kenaxleung.com) obtained his Master of Art in Fashion Design from Polytechnic University of Hong Kong in 2012, and won the YDC - Casual & Jeans-wear Group in the same year.  kenaxleung's high street wear comes alive with graffiti, architecture, craftsmanship and art installations as inspiration.   Beginning from the first season, combination of innovative materials and exquisite digital print is the signature of Kenax’s design.   His collections had been shown in Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.   He had been styling and tailor-making costume for various celebrities and recording artists, including Eason Chan, Anthony Wong, Hins Cheung, Louis Cheung, Kay Tse, Landy Wen and etc.


(3) 2014 YDC finalist Kurt Ho (http://www.kurtho.co.uk/) launched his label in the same year. He was recently selected to represent Hong Kong to showcase his latest collection at the Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) in Tokyo and New York.


(4) Before earning her Higher Diploma of Fashion Design and Product Development from the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) in 2008, Aries Sin (www.modement.hk) was already a design enthusiast with a number of awards and achievements, including an overseas internship at Peclers Paris.  In 2010, she set up her company producing two labels MODEMENT and MODEMENT COUTURE.  In 2013, she was selected by Perspective magazine as one of the “40 under 40” design talents, and received the bronze award at “Design for Asia 2013”.  In 2014, with support from the HKDI, Aries along with three other alumni of the Institute, collaborated with Joyce Boutique in a project called “Joyce Talent Shop,” which showcased   at the PMQ creative hub. Aries' unique unisex collections have attracted attention of celebrities, including singers Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho and Andy Hui.